Saturday, September 12, 2009


Eagle Altar -The Life of Bridgette Driscoll (3" cdr)
Eagle Altar is the abstracted, untied and loosened version of Altar Eagle- the collaborative project of Eden Hemming and Brad Rose (see Digitalis, The North Sea, Corsican Paintbrush, Ajilvsga, etc...). "The Life of Bridgette Driscoll" finds the pair working over their particular blend of post synth-pop in an especially melancholic and introspective manner. Sheets of distorted drone collide with sweet melodies and a robotic drum loop to create a mood of contemplation. This ode to the somewhat obscure Bridgette Driscoll effectively brings up a certain mournfulness without ever sounding like a dirge. It's a unique signpost on the journey of this incredible duo. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand scrawled 3" cdrs. SOLD OUT

Eagle altar-the life of bridget driscoll(excerpt) by kimdawn


Pink Priest -Goddess (3" cdr)
Pink Priest returns to kimdawn with another gem. This time, the Priest is summoning the spirits of love and loneliness, forming them into a three part journey through the human spirit. Through abstraction, the artist is able to go beyond mere sentimentality and touch on the deeper experiences of these feelings. There is a particular yearning that feels somehow whole. It's a mysterious and brief journey that leaves you feeling opened up. One of the best from Pink Priest for sure. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3" cdrs. Visual Design by the artist. SOLD OUT

Pink Priest -The Goddess Pt. 2 (Platonic Headdress) by kimdawn


Scott Cloud -Infi Cycles (3" cdr)
Scott Cloud is the ephemeral persona of one of Canada's finest underground sound artists. With "Infi Cycles", Cloud presents us with another chapter of his unfolding drone saga- one populated with precise hypnotic waves of static and hum. The sound sculptures that are created are ominous yet strangely comforting- blankets of sound covering the false realities of this world. It's an honor to work with Scott, his output never disappoints. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3" cdrs. $4 postage page anywhere. SOLD OUT
Scott Cloud -Direct Sunlight by kimdawn