Sunday, May 17, 2009


The Old Rig -Entrances (3" cdr)

The follow up to a recent tape on Digitalis limited, "Entrances" is a two part meditation on layered chords, tape loops, life inside electronics, and artificial landscapes. It is presented on 3" cdr in a hand numbered edition of 50. Cover film still by Geoffrey Sexton. SOLD OUT. Review @ The Ear Conditioned Nightmare


Young Wife -January Doom (cdr)

30 minutes of lo-fi doomy droneworks- uncharacteristicly dark. More archival recordings to come, and maybe an occasional rebirth. edition of 30 cdrs in slipcases. SOLD OUT


The Old Rig -(ST debut cdr)

Three long tracks of distant meditations on machine hum, breathing, and negative space. Sources include lawnmower, broken dryer, synthesizer, casio sk-5, broken electronics, sampler, metal pieces, radio, feedback, and tape manipulation. Industrial ambience for sensitive individuals zone out time. Limited run of 25 in handmade collaged packaging in slipcases. (sold out)