Sunday, June 28, 2009


Pink Priest -Cold Rock (3" cdr)
It seems that Pink Priest is finally starting to get the recognition he deserves and this disc is another great example of why . The four tracks on this disc offer a brief glimpse into a soundworld built upon subtle, almost unmoving, melodies and textural backdrops. A sense of calm introspection and quiet sadness looms in the background of each of these co-mingling tracks of shimmering beauty. It is an honor to present a work from such a sensitive sound artist. This is definitely one to pay attention to. Presented on a 3" cdr in a hand numbered edition of 50. Visual design by the artist.
SOLD OUT. Review @ The Ear Conditioned Nightmare


Sparkling Wide Pressure
-Golden Thread (3" cdr
My friend Blake Barton gave me a tape a few months back which contained strange recordings of clanging drums, broken electronic sounds, half murmured chants, and other esoterica. The intent was for me to use these raw recordings to craft something new. The process was a strange one that evolved very organically and quickly- almost feeling like I was being guided by the tape itself. The result is a bizarre tribal trip into fields of tape hiss. Artwork also by Mr. Barton. Presented on a 3" cdr in an edition of 45.
SOLD OUT Review @ The Ear Conditioned Nightmare

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Sparkling Wide Pressure
-Time Travel Melody(3" cdr)

I have a strange memory of standing on the back bumper of my Dad's pickup truck when I was four or five years old singing this melody that seemed to come out of nowhere. It stuck with me as a representation of a feeling of complete freedom and joy. Later, I revisited the melody in a teenage post-punk band- and now, 10 years after that occurrence, the melody returns again to further transport me. It has been filtered through my current state and barely resembles its original form, but the essence is still there. A kind of temporal bookmark. Presented on a 3" cdr in a hand numbered edition of 40. SOLD OUT