Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is Communication -(Self Titled 3"cdr)
After hearing clips from Jeremy Walker's recent performances and watching a video of him demonstrating his home made oscillotrope, I was expecting him to deliver a blast of harsh noise to me. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised when he invited me over to hear his new project- This is Communication, which has a lot more in common with "Slanted and Enchanted" and "Loveless" than Merzbow. The home made noise makers are still present, but now they are being mixed with guitars, drums and vocals to create a unique drone-pop blend that is equal parts pure texture and sentimental pop melody. Signals converge and form songs, only to be deconstructed again into fragments of ideas and half finished sentences in the end. Presented on a 3" cdr in a hand numbered edition of 50. Cover design by the artist. SOLD OUT


Horse Hair Everywhere -Nothing Happened (3"cdr)
Five members of this nebulous sound tribe came together to attempt to score a film. The jury is still out on whether that happened or not- what is presented here is a fragment of that evening,consciously and accidentally manipulated for maximum openness and space. Five individuals, one screen, working in the dark- deep inside a groupthink trance. This is what happened. Presented on a 3" cdr in a hand numbered edition of 40. Cover film stills by Geoffrey Sexton. SOLD OUT